I.Pre-sale Questions

1. Payment Methods(click here)
2. About shipping and handling
2.1. How can I check out my order status?
You can visit your Order list in “My Account”, following which you can check your order status along with other information such as whether it has been shipped, the shipping date, tracking number, tracking website to use, and other useful information.

You can obtain the tracking number using the following steps:
My Account → My Order → Select Order → Order Status

2.2. Can I change my shipping address?
You can contact us using our support center and change the shipping address, however this is only possible for orders that have not yet been shipped out.

2.3. How are shipping fees calculated?
The delivery cost depends on the shipment method you choose, the destination country that the package is going to, how many items you order and the total weight and volume (size) of the parcel.

2.4. Can an APO address or a PO box address be sent to by DHL?
No, DHL cannot ship to APO address or PO box, however both EMS and Flat shipping are able to. If DHL cannot dispatch to your shipping address, we will ask you to provide us an alternative address or suggest that you to select EMS or flat shipping as the delivery option.

2.5. How about the delivery methods? Where can I track it?
Sheinline.com offers the following 3 types of delivery methods for your convenience:

NO. 1. Flat Rate Shipping: it may take 7 to 25-days,which includes:
- Registered airmail (Hong Kong) RR**HK: http://app3.hongkongpost.com/CGI/mt/enquiry.jsp
- Registered airmail (China): http://intmail.183.com.cn/item/itemStatusQuery.do?lan=0
- Signpost RR**SG:http://www.singpost.com/

NO.2. Standard shipping (EMS) EE**CN, check it in http://ems.com.cn/english.html
It may take approximately 6 to 8 business days for the delivery.
Please note: For heavy parcels, or for high volumes, please choose EMS as the option, we will contact you to confirm this.

NO.3. Expedited shipping
(DHL), check it in http://www.dhl.com/en.html
(FEDEX),check it in http://www.fedex.com/us/
It may take 3 to 5 business days for the delivery,
Please note: Customers are personally responsible for any Customs issues (and for resolving the specific Customs policy in the relevant country).
For parcels sent by DHL/FEDEX, please double check the shipping address, and leave a contact number. If there any delivery problems, our Customer Service representative will send you e-mails to confirm the information.

2.6. Do I need to pay for Tax and Customs Duties?
Do I have to pay import duties on products sent from Sheinline?

Short answer:
It depends. For some countries, no, but in other countries, yes, and the amount varies depending on the individual country.

Long answer:
Please note that all import taxes/duties are the recipient's responsibility. So if you are delivering to someone else like a name or directly to a dropshipping customer, any taxes that are payable will be their initial responsibility.

Sheinline.com will accept no responsibility for any customs costs incurred. Many countries do not charge import duties on private items (declared as “gifts”), small samples (declared as “sample”), and goods below a certain declared financial value, However, please note that you may find that you have to pay import duties and taxes when goods you have ordered from us arrive in your country. Obviously you will want this to be as low as possible but Sheinline.com CANNOT give you advice or information about tax rates and customs charges in your country. All we can do is declare the value of the shipped goods at a nominal value (see below), which may still be fully taxable depending on the specific country. Items shipped from Sheinline.com will be declared at the lowest nominal market price by default. This lowest market price is based on the manufacturing origin and might not be representative of how much the item would cost you if had bought it in your local retail market. You must ensure that you find out about the relevant regulations in your own country before ordering from Sheinline. In most countries the actual origin of the goods (China) is not important: only the declared value of the goods and declared contents is relevant. Let us know if you have any special packing or labelling instructions when placing your order. Add comments to the box on the “Delivery Information” page of the Checkout Process. Sheinline.com will never falsely identify or misrepresent goods on customs forms. Sheinline.com does not add any sales taxes or hidden charges to orders

3. Order processing
3.1. Can I check, change or cancel my order? Where can I check it?
You can review your order list anytime under “My Account” after you sign into your Sheinline.com account.
Please check that whether you have paid for the order. If you haven’t paid for it yet, just delete the order from your account; alternatively, we will cancel any order that has been “waiting for payment” after 30 days. This is standard practice and to make the process more convenient.
If the order status is “Paid”, then you can only cancel it before the order is processed, the time will be in 0-24 hours.
Once the products have been dispatched, you cannot cancel your order.

3.2. I had paid for the order, why does the order status say that the order is still unpaid?
The PayPal server can sometimes experience delays, please wait 2-4 hours and check again. If it is still unpaid, you can contact your local PayPal office or provide your email and order ID number to our Customer Service Department, and we will investigate the problem on your behalf.

3.3. I want to add items to my order, what should I do?
You can add items to your shopping cart if you have not clicked “check out by PayPal”. If you have clicked the “check out by PayPal”, but have still not made payment, then you can simply delete the entire order the order list, and place another new order with all the items you wish to purchase.
If your order is paid and has processed then, unfortunately, the system is unable to let you add any more items; however, you can place another new order at any time.
If the paid order has not yet been processed, you can contact us and a Customer Service representative will add the item(s) manually for you.

3.4. Can I cancel my order and obtain a refund?
If the order payment status is “Unpaid”, then you can delete it directly from your “My Account” page.
If the order has been paid and the shipment status is “processing”, you can contact us to manually cancel the order and get refund.
If the order has been paid and the shipment status is “shipped out”, we regret to inform you that we are unable to cancel or modify the order any more.

3.5. Can I change my order while it is still in the processing stage?
Yes, please email us if you wish to change the order or the shipping address while the order is still being processed. We would be happy to help you to resolve the issue.

3.6. What will affect the delivery time?
Both the order processing time and shipping time will affect the delivery time. Generally, the package should arrive at the intended destination on time. The order processing time refers to the time to handle the order internally. Once the order has been processed and payment has been successfully received, the items will be packaged. Shipping time is determined by the courier and the destination where the order is shipped to, and this is the main factor that affects delivery time. Moreover, the individual Customs policy of the destination country can also influence the delivery time, as orders arriving in certain countries will take more time to clear the Customs.

Please note that if the order might be delayed for any reason, our Customer Service representative will contact you and send email notifications to update you. Please keep in touch with us during this process so that can resolve it together.

3.7. How can I know my order has been shipped?
You will receive a notification e-mail from us when your order has been shipped. Information relating to shipping items, shipping time, the unique tracking number, and the tracking website will all be included. You can also check your order status at any time under “My Account” → “My Order”.

3.8. My tracking number is not working on line, what should I do?
For EMS, it will take between 1-2 business days to process and appear in the China postal system. For HongKong Post, it will take 1-3 business days to process and appear in the Hong Kong postal system. Please be patient and try the tracking number again later.

3.9. The tracking information from the HK Post website shows that my order has been shipped to the wrong country, what should I do?

That would be a mistake made by HK Post staff during the package scanning stage. Any order shipped from Sheinline.com is posted with a clear, detailed label showing the destination address. Your order should not be shipped to the wrong destination. In this situation, we would advise waiting until the deadline and, if it has still not been received, please contact us our Customer Service Department for assistance.

3.10. Why has the order been dispatched in multiple packages when it can all fit into one package instead?

Sheinline.com may decide to pack your items separately due to concerns relating to weight, size (or volume) or for product shortage reasons. You can check in your order list to see which items in the order have been sent separately. You can review the status of all orders list under “My Account”.

3.11. I have paid the express shipping fees, why has the order been shipped using normal airmail instead?

There are a few reasons as to why this has happened. These include limitations imposed by the destination country’s Custom policy, such that a package sent using express shipping will be charged with additional tax. Another reason is to expedite delivery, for example, to ship your order out in time, we will send the order using airmail to you. We hope you can understand and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

3.12. Why do I need to pay for remote shipping fee since I had already paid for the total shipping fee for DHL shipping?

According to DHL, it is because your address belongs to a remote area which can be tracked by http://remoteareas.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp. What you pay for is only the postage for DHL, but this does not include the remote shipping fee. For cases like these, you can choose EMS shipping instead and pay for the extra shipping fee.

3.13. Why was my order not shipped by DHL even though I choose Expedited Shipping?

Usually we ship the expedited shipping order by DHL, except in the following cases:
- Your order contains some items like an E-cigarette which cannot be shipped using DHL as they do not accept this product type.
- Your shipping address is a PO Box, which cannot be delivered to by DHL.
- Your local place is not covered by the DHL service.
- The volume of your package is very large and not very profitable to ship by DHL. We will contact you to confirm whether you want to pay to cover the additional shipping cost.
- Your country does not accept individual express shipments by DHL, e.g. Russia
- The import tax is very high if the order is shipped using DHL.
- There is a high likelihood that the parcel will be detained by the Customs if it is sent using DHL, such as Portugal.

3.14. How can I receive the refund?

If the payment has been made via PayPal, then we can refund your payment to your PayPal account. It will be processed within 1-3 business days when the case has been resolved, following which you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

II. After-sale

1. FAQ for the delivery
1.1. What should I do if an item is missing from my order?
First, please carefully check and review your order list to make sure whether the order was sent by only one package instead of a split delivery with more than one package. If items are sent separately, please be patient and wait for the rest of the split delivery to arrive. If all of the packages for the order have been delivered but you are still missing an item, please check the contents of the packages carefully, especially if it is a small item.
If you are still unable to locate the item, please take a photo and email us. You should attach photographs that clearly show all of the individual packing labels on the boxes.

1.2. What should I do if I want to return a product within warranty?
Please make sure the item is broken and non-functioning or you don't like it. If you don’t know how to use or operate the product, please contact our staff for assistance. If you really want to return it, please contact our Customer Service staff and they will guide you through the RMA process. If the problem is confirmed to be the fault of Sheinline.com, then we will resolve the problem for you. Simply submit a ticket, and our Customer Support staff will be happy to help you.

1.3. What happens when there is only a partial delivery of my order?
It is possible that one or more items in your order have recently become out of stock. It may take some time for the Sheinline.com Logistics Department to restock the specific item(s). Sheinline.com will first ship the other products that have stock priority to you, meaning that you will have received a partial order. Sheinline.com will inform you by email so that you save time instead of waiting for a full shippment before we dispatch it to you. In the event of a split order, we will arrange the second shippment for the rest of the items as soon as possible. Alternatively, we are able to cancel the items that we have not yet sent and refund the costs to your account.

2. Warranty and Return(click here)

III.Questions about drop shipping and account management

1. Drop shipping
1.1. Can I do drop shipping?
We can do the drop shipping for you once payment for the order has been confirmed. We can ship out the products directly to your client without any identifying information from our company. For drop shipper, please note:
a) It is important for you to choose fast shipping or registered shipping with tracking number so that your client can track the package.
b) If your client requires any help, just contact our Customer Service Department and we will help you to solve the problem.

2.About my accoun:
2.1. I cannot seem to log into my account. What do I do?
Please follow these steps:
a) Check your login details
b) Your login username is your email address that you used for registration.
c) Ensure that cookies from www.sheinline.com are accepted in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or other)
d) It might be a problem caused by Sheinline.com system maintenance, in which case please wait 30 minutes and try again.

TIP: If you're not sure if the problem is with us or you, please repeat the login with a different computer, or try different browsers, and compare the results.
If you made a mistake when you first registered, and you can't access your account again and you've never made any orders, it might be fastest to just go through the registration process to sign up again for a new account.

2.2. I forgot my password, I tried to reset it and it still doesn’t work.

Please click the “forget your password” option, and you will receive the new password by email; the password will go to the account that you registered with. Please also double check you spam folder in case the email is not in the inbox. If this still doesn’t work, you can contact our Customer Service staff and we will manually reset it for you.